Monday, March 31, 2008

Waiting for grandbaby #7

We're on the return leg of our winter break, stopping in North Carolina to await the birth of grandbaby #7. Baby Luc is due April 8th but Mama believes he might be an April 1st baby...just to be amusing. We thought he was going to make his debut early Sunday but he must have decided he was happy with the existing conditions because he's been quiet since then.

I kept a photo journal of Ingrid's pregnancy with Tai, a visual tracking of her growing belly. Was not as faithful tracking Luc but managed to capture an image of her last month. Here you are Luc, with Mama and Daddy, just before you were born!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Meeting the tiger at the Carnivore Preservation Trust

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Passing on the left!

I just love the bike and walking paths in Hilton Head. There are miles and miles of them...enough that you can avoid walking on the roadside altogether, which is what we do unless we go off the beaten path and walk right down the middle of the street.

The paths are probably 6 to 7 feet wide...plenty of room for everybody...or so you would think. There is no problem when you encounter oncoming traffic, whether walkers or cyclists. The problem is with the cyclists coming up from behind. We try to stay to the right of the path, much as we drive to the right of the road. It is downright alarming, however, when a bike whizzes past unannounced. No "ringy-dings" of a bell or a honking horn to warn us that they are approaching from the rear. No "coming through" or an "excuse us" to alert us that cyclists want to pass. Many times I have narrowly avoided a collision with a bike and it was only luck that spared me.

So this is my request to all cyclists on the bike/walking paths. When approaching pedestrians or even other cycists that you wish to pass, please just call out, "passing on your left" and we will happily get out of your way!