Saturday, February 16, 2008

10 Things I Can Do This Winter (that I can't do back home!)

We are half way through winter in South Carolina. It's 65 here today - 24 back home (smile). We've just returned from a 3 mile walk that took us by golf courses and onto the beach. We never cease to be amazed and thankful for our winters in this little piece of paradise which prompted me to list 10 things that we can do here that we cannot do back home.
  1. I can take a 2 mile walk every morning at 7:30
  2. We can walk for miles on the beach
  3. We can get to church in 10 minutes (it takes 30-60 minutes and a border crossing back home!)
  4. We can drive and see 4 of our grandchildren in 5 1/2 hours
  5. We can go alligator sighting on warm, sunny days
  6. We can choose from among a dozen coffee spots for a morning coffee and muffin
  7. We can say, "How y'all doing today?" to people we pass on our walks
  8. We can walk over to a wine and cheese party every Monday evening and catch up with the neighbors
  9. We could eat out every night and never eat at the same restaurant twice. I think we've tried almost 100 restaurants over the years...most of them within a 10 minute drive. Over the years some have closed, some have relocated and some we return to again and again, but not every night!
  10. We can admire camelias, magnolias, azaleas and spanish moss hanging from live oak trees all around us.

It's not that we don't love our home up north...we just don't like the winter weather! I'm making a note to remind myself to write a list of what we can do back home...but not until June.

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