Monday, March 9, 2009

A Garden Fluff and Puff

One sure sign of spring here in South Carolina is the arrival of the pine straw. Up north we mulch our gardens with cedar chips. Here it's pine needles. I love them so much I once packed up 3 bales in our van and hauled them back to New York!

The pine straw arrives by truck and the bales are then tossed off around the grounds.

The gardens are all edged and the pine needles tossed around the plants. Or as I prefer to call it, the gardens are fluffed and puffed.

Don't they look nice now? Everywhere on the island they are busy fluffing and puffing. I can't wait for the azaleas to bloom!


grammy said...

Never thought of using pine needles. They hurt your feet if you try to walk barefooted. that's for sure. Here, right below the source of many pine needles, we use cedar chips, or rock to cover the space we don't have planted. Hope you had fun with your best friend.

IRENE said...

I don't believe this! I so much love the perfume of pine leaves, but although we have plenty where we live, there is a whole campaign to get rid of them (fire threat). What useful recycling! Pleasant to the eyes, too!
Thank you for sharing this!