Thursday, August 28, 2008

Grammie, You're Afraid!

Call me crazy but I always enjoyed taking my kids grocery shopping. For some reason, I never had a problem with them running in the aisles or throwing tantrums at the checkout. I think luck played a large part in it...that and I was not beyond bribing them with an after shopping treat to encourage them to behave.
I enjoy taking my granddaughters shopping too. I have them sit in the grocery cart for as long as I can...letting a 2, 3 or even 4 year old loose in the store is asking for trouble!
Grocery shopping can be a really fun experience. The kids love to bag, weigh and put the sticky labels on the fruit and vegetables. I let them hold the grocery list and "read" it to me as we shop. They like to collect the coupons on display and they even get to pay when we check out.
I make it a practice, however, to avoid certain aisles. There is no point in having the "I want that, Grammie" and "No, you can't have that" conversation 20 times in the course of a 30 minute shopping trip. So I map out my store route to avoid the temptation aisles, which include, in one particular store, a rather well displayed and stocked Barbie doll section.
Now K, my granddaughter, must have been 4 years old at the time and would still ride in the cart. We were moving through the aisles when I took a right turn, away from the aisle that led to the Barbies.
"What, Sweetie?"
"Where are you going?"
Grammie knows where she's NOT going. "I'm going to get some milk."
Hard stare into Grammie's eyes. Grammie tries to look innocent. Not easy.
"Grammie, you're afraid!"
"Grammie's not afraid of anything!"
"Yes you are! You're afraid to go that way 'cause you know what's down there," pointing over my shoulder in the direction of the Barbies.
Grammie cracks up. K cracks up. She got Grammie. We go get the milk. And an ice cream cone.


Busymama Kellie said...

I got a good laugh out of that one. What a smart one she is! You're a brave woman for WILLINGLY taking all your kids and grandkids to the store. I only do that when it has become imperative that I need to feed them at some point. And I love that you're called Grammie. That's exactly what I call my grandma!

Kelsey said...

Oh too funny!

IRENE said...

One of my personal best-est when my daughters were small, was the Saturday afternoon-after-closing -the shop-for the weekend, shopping trip. How clever of you to get away with the ice-cream cone (your grand daughter probably got that from you! Clever little mouse! them when they outwit me!).
I found out myself that very often what children want is a little treat rather than the big stuff; a little token of "me" out of the family shopping.
So glad you stopped by my WW. So glad I stopped by! I am adding you to my favorite people (oh and the bunting is great, too!)
Have a most enjoyable weekend.