Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's a Battle

I don't know what brilliant minds dreamed up the foil packs for drugs but they should be confined to a small cell and required to actually open the packs every day for a period of, let's say, FOREVER!
My husband must take six prescription drugs every day. With just one functioning hand, he can't even open the pill bottles, childproof or not. But when it comes to the foil packs, puhleeze! I can barely open them!
Not to mention the waste inherent in the foil/plastic/paper packaging!

I open the month's supply all at once....I really could not bear to start each day in combat with an obstinate foil pack....then keep them in their own little bottle. So for the 15 minutes that that it takes each month to achieve dominance over the foil, I complain loudly. I guess it's pretty clear that I just unwrapped the month's supply.
I know that many of the cold/allergy meds are also packaged this way and are just as frustrating, but for everyday meds, give us a break! We want user friendly packaging!
OK. I feel better now. Until next month....


grammy said...

It's not just the drugs...it is so hard to get into a box of cereal or whatever...But speaking as a grandma..my two year old granddaughter saw my vitimins in a plastic weekly container on my counter. She said, "Your going to share those with me arn't you grammy?" Yikes! I put them up higher and took stock of all pills around. They just want to SHARE.

Michele said...

Oh, how frustrating!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Michele :)

MoziEsmé said...

That's right - just let it all out! You'll feel better . . .

Those packages ARE frustrating.