Monday, April 27, 2009

Breakfast in bed...

My day starts early, usually by 6:00. I have one of the roosters that you see on commercials that sits at the end of my bed and crows when it is still dark out.

My Honey's day starts later, much later. He usually surfaces around 10:00 or so.

But just to keep his meds on schedule, I take him breakfast in bed very morning around 8:00. And it's the same every day, just cause he loves it that way.

Old fashioned raw oats with raisins, banana and milk with some orange juice to wash down the pills.

Then he disappears under the covers and goes right back to sleep!

Now just so you don't think he is spoiled, you should know that unless we were eating in the car on the way to the office (that would ba a lifetime ago, or so it seems) we usually enjoyed our breakfast in bed. I brought breakfast in during the week and my Honey would serve me breakfast in bed on the weekends. He's sweet that way.

Post stroke, that simply isn't possible. But that's OK. I love taking him his breakfast and hearing him say, "mmmmmm, I love oats!" every morning.

Sometimes even the ordinary can be special.


IRENE said...

This might be called love...I think.Have a nice week ahead.

grammy said...

How sweet. I have never been the breakfast in bed kind of person. So about those oats. Are they cooked. I assume so, but they look raw (o:

Courtney said...

how absolutely inspiring. I need to do sweet acts of kindness for my bub as well. you have inspired me!

Joyce said...

That is very, very sweet. We love 'em while we've got 'em. <3