Monday, April 6, 2009

a new use for a spatula

Our end-of-March timeshare on Hilton Head is a two story townhouse....three bedrooms so it's great when the kids come to visit.

The only problem is that it has open stairs. Very attractive to a one year old and a challenge to keep him from climbing at every opportunity. Maybe next year I should bring a baby gate?

So either his Mama or Daddy or Grandma would supervise the climb.

So much fun to peek through the railing...

And fun to reach out and wave...

But then Grandma got the bright idea that she could just guard the stairs by sitting on them! Worked well for Baby Luc to say I was "stuck" and couldn't move but Big Brother Tai (aka Tai the Science Guy) needed to solve my predicament.

Solution: Use a kitchen spatula (great idea, Mom!)

Of course it worked. Such ingenuity has to be rewarded!

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grammy said...

I get so scared by kids climbing on the stairs and big gaps like that. I have the same problem, but since it is our house I can make changes. Our railing gap is along the top entry way...right when you walk in the front door. We put up a net that they make for that. At least i don't have to worry so much(o: the spatula was a cute idea.