Monday, May 12, 2008

Not your typical Mother's Day

Mother's Day started out wonderfully. New photos of grandchildren, beautiful cards, funny cards, handmade cards. A handmade necklace and bracelet from Kendra and Kali that I proudly wore to church. A great barbecued beef brisket out at Will's farm.

Then things got a little crazy.

Something had bitten or stung my right index finger the day before while I was gardening. Ouch! A little tenderness and itching but not much more. Woke up Sunday morning and it was swollen...still nothing to fuss over. By the time we sat down to our barbecue, my finger was bright red and really itchy! Applied some benadryl cream and watched it get even redder. By the time we got home there was a wine colored rash along the inside of my finger and the skin was getting leathery, hot and bumpy. Soaked my hand in epsom salts and applied neosporin.

But this was just the side story to the big scare of the day! While at Will's farm I was taking pics of the sheep and my hand grazed the plastic fence.

"Watch out, Mom! That's an electric fence, you know!"

"Oh, yeah. I wondered what that buzz was!"

Two minutes later, Al was bending over the fence to pet the sheep.

"Watch out for the fence, Al."

ZAP! Al was thrown back about four feet and flat onto his back, glasses flying. Sounds scary but was even scarier knowing that Al has had two heart attacks and a stroke, no use of his right arm and precarious balance at the best of times. We located his glasses but now we had to get him upright, which meant he had to roll onto his "good" side then up onto his knees before we could help him. He seemed okay (although some nasty bruises showed up the next day) even though he couldn't say grace in English (but that's another story).

So my Mother's day ended up quite differently than it started.

Oh, and the goat. That's Jake, the farm's goat. He wasn't there on Sunday. But all's well that ends well. He's now the resident goat at the petting zoo at Fantasy Island.

And my finger...well it was worse today so that meant a trip to the doctor and some heavy duty anti-inflamatory and anti-biotic drugs. No, not a typical Mother's Day at all.

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