Friday, May 9, 2008

Strawberry Season

Well, not exactly, at least not here just yet. We're still waiting for some of the leaves to make an appearance! But the lawn has had it's first cutting of the year and we've had our first barbecue.

For the kids down in North Carolina it's another story. They've been strawberry picking and came home with 20 lbs of berries! When we decorated their daddy's birthday cake back in February I know that it was a challenge to get the berries onto the cake faster than they could eat them. I can just imagine how many strawberries found their way into those little tummies before they even left the berry patch!

Apart from eating them fresh and making jam, their mommy made these beautiful chocolate strawberries. She just melted chocolate and dipped and drizzled it over the berries. Great idea for a party! Makes my mouth water just looking at them!

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Bonnie Gullett said...

These were so easy to make, all I did was use chocolate chips and a bag of pink wafer chocolate and popped it in the microwave. Place in the fridge and voila! It took 10-15 minutes max. They were really tasty and low cal!!