Friday, May 2, 2008

One Boy's Treasure

When baby Luc was born in April I gave both Luc and his big brother Tai memory boxes for them and their Mama to store their little treasures. I thought this would be a good way to collect those special keepsakes that would enable us all to recall those priceless moments in their young lives.

Tai didn't agree. Not that he opposed putting items of value into the box...he just had a different idea about what should be tucked away.

Now imagine that you are Tai's parents and you cannot for the life of you find your house phone or either of your cell phones. You are losing your collective minds wondering what on earth could have happened to them. Then you hear a faint ringing...coming from Tai's memory box! Inside were all the phones! It must have been like discovering buried treasure!

At 21 months, it probably made a lot of sense for Tai to collect what he knew was valuable and keep it safe in his very own box. Bet it will be the first place his parents now look when anything is missing!

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Bonnie Gullett said...

That is great!! What a cute picture too! Sly little fella :)