Thursday, July 17, 2008

Some Relief at The Pump

Gas prices at $4.29 per gallon. Pretty scary. Our local supermarket also has a gas station on site and offers 10 cents off per gallon for every $100 spent on groceries. Great for large families but not so good for small families like us or even for those super coupon clippers who somehow manage to purchase $200 worth of groceries for only $3.87!

So I was very impressed when an ad arrived in the mail for this supermarket. There were 3 coupons attached with 3 future expiry dates. All I have to do is take a coupon to the store pharmacy and they will add 500 points to my gas redemption card! That's 500 points. Along with my little 100 points I have 600 points total to redeem for gas. That's a 60 cent reduction per gallon!

At my next fill-up (and I think I will actually fill up this time!) my gas will cost me $3.69 per gallon. WOOHOO!

When did we ever think that we would be celebrating $3.69 per gallon for gas???


Alexia said...

Gas is crazy! Discounts are great - I need to find some around here!

Kelsey said...

We are still a little over four but its way better then 4.79!!