Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Green Giveaway


One Mom and a Party is all about helping moms green up their kid's birthday parties. One simple way is to use our cloth tablecloths, napkins and favor bags to reduce paper waste.
Then you can use your own cutlery or buy biodgradable cutlery, plates and cups. The August issue of Parenting Magazine has recommended their favorite brands. For cutlery they recommend Jaya's (available at amazon.com) for it's durability and smooth comfy feel. StalkMarket's plates and bowls (also available at amazon.com) are microwave safe and oil-resistant. The winner for cups, both cold and hot, was Eco-Products (ecoproducts.com)
In August, 25 lucky moms can win a set of biodegradable picnicware which includes a package of 50 Eco-Products drinking cups, a box of StalkMarket cutlery, a pack of StalkMarket dinner plates PLUS a Green Gourmet Cuisinart skillet (a $70 value alone!)Just hop over to Parenting.com/giveaways to enter.
It's just a little step but that's how we can be kinder to our planet, One Mom, One Party at a time!

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Kelsey said...

That stuff sounds awesome!