Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday, Monday

I was visiting The Green Greek this morning and was uplifted by the Happiness is a Habit...Cultivate It meme she was playing. Feeling a little encumbered lately by the stuff of life, I welcomed the opportunity to play, so here goes!

"At this moment, use the alphabet and write down the first thing that comes to your mind for each letter. Don’t ponder or try to think of something that will be impressive. Just do it! This says a lot about you and may surprise you as well. Go ahead… you know you want to!”
A: Abundance is wanting what you have
B: Blessings are all around us
C: Cheese is my addiction
D: Daybreak is getting later and later
E: Elijah
F: Faith sustains me
G: Grandchildren (see E, H, K, K, L, O and T) are the best!
H: Hayley
I: Inspiration - so fickle!
J: Joy comes in the morning
K: Kenny, who made me a Grammie, and Kali
L: Luc
M: Muffins are baking in the oven
N: Never say never
O: Olivia
P: Peace in your heart and on earth
Q: Quiet time, how I look forward to it
R: Rejoice in all things
S: Simplify, simplify, simplify
T: Tai
U: preferred pace
V: Visible...sometimes I am, sometimes I'm not
W: Winter is closing in
X: xoxoxo, at the close of every letter
Y: Youth, where did it go?
Z: Zoom,zoom, zoom - life rushing by
Now you try it!


grammy said...

I really liked your list...I tried thing of an A word before I read your list...I am not a word person, I came up with ardvark (o: Then I read your word abundance and thought ...perfect,,,especially for this season.

Shannon ( said...

I always look forward to your comments on my blog b/c you put a positive spin on everything (like the whole cashier thing!) And your alphabet is uplifting as well!

IRENE said...

Ah, that was sooo good! Blessings to you.

MoziEsmé said...

What a positive post! I love it!