Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: My Husband, My Hero


This is the month when giving thanks is on our minds. Having almost lost my husband more than once in the past thirteen years, I am grateful for every single day that he is still with us. He is my hero and here are my top thirteen reasons why.
1. He is a survivor. He survived rheumatic fever as an infant, polio as a child, 3 heart attacks before he was 50 and a stroke before he was 60.
2. He doesn't know the meaning of "can't." In between his childhood ailments and his adult illnesses, he played baseball, hockey, college and professional football. He even ran the Marine Corp Marathon when he was 40.
3. He never, never gives up. No matter what life throws at him, he is always positive. His first words after his stroke were, "I love you." His next sentence, although it took 3 days to compose and several minutes and some coaching to voice, was, "It's going to be alright."
4. He is a funny man. He loves to make people laugh. Nowadays he doesn't tell the jokes but he will still appreciate and laugh at yours.
5. I came into his life as a package deal, complete with three sons. He has loved them, helped to raise them, disciplined them, guided them, supported them in the good times and not so good times, and has always, always been there for them.
6. He is driven. Probably a little too driven at times, but that determination is now what enables him to deal with his disablilites on a daily basis. It's what got him walking after his stroke. It's what got him out on the golf course again with a one-arm golf swing. It's what gets him going every single day.
7. He is a supporter to those around him, whether it be me, our children, friends or neighbors, he always encourages those around him to succeed.
8. Not a day goes by, probably not more than a couple of hours, that he doesn't tell me how much he loves me and appreciates me.
9. He is the designated dishwasher loader/unloader in the family. And if I ask him, he will also do floors :)
10. Since his stroke in 2004, he had tried unsuccessfully to read a book - until this summer when he read the New Testament. He worked at it every single day and was as excited as a child who had mastered riding his first bicycle when he finished.
11. He loves life. Although much different than it was or than he expected it would ever be, he is content.
12. He notices and appreciates the details. Coffee and freshly baked muffins, a drive around the island, a walk on the beach, he takes pleasure in the small things that others often take for granted.
13. Last, but not in any way the least, he loves the Lord. And he knows the Lord loves him.


Shannon ( said...

WOW! What a stellar post! Your husband truly sounds like a gift from GOD! And the picture of him is great! I think he has an outlook on life that we could all use a little more of!

grammy said...

What a great positive post. You are blessed to have him and he is blessed to have you. I think the positive attitude is what keeps him going. I have MS and find that being positive has been the ticket. And faith of course. I am doing very well. I don't seem to have the kind that knocks people to the ground...praise the Lord. Give your man an extra squeeze. I am proud of you too. You never seem to whine and complain. Have a great day.

Stam House said...

That is the sweetest post ever thanks for sharing!!!!

Momisodes said...

He truly is an inspiration. I can see why he is your hero. A wonderful post.

Just me said...

Wow! Your husband sounds so very special! That was very touching to read. Thank you for sharing.

MoziEsmé said...

I LOVE this list! Sounds like you've got all the basics covered, and I love when women brag their men this way...

Maureen Hayes said...

May I say this is one of the best posts I have ever read?!! I would love to have your permission to re-post it at my blog in the future. I think the Lord knew exactly what he was doing when he put you two together, you both sound like treasures, and more importantly, you realize what a treasure the other is. You are both blessed. I know other people might not understand that, but I know you do!

Keep in touch and let me know about permission to use your post.

Thank you!

Jeanne said...

This is a beautiful post!! I'm so glad I learned about it from Maureen's re-post. This is really touching!



IRENE said...

What a lovely post! God bless him, you and your family.