Friday, October 31, 2008

Flashback Friday #9: My Great-Great-Grandfather

My Grandfather, Philip Bettens Storm, my Mother's father, was born in Escondido, California, July 9, 1892.
His Father, my Great-Grandfather, was Frank R. Storm.
His Grandfather, my Great-Great Grandfather, was William H. Storm.
William H. Storm was born in Jefferson County, Tennessee, February 12, 1818. He married Martha W. Thomas and together they had seven children, only three of whom survived.
My Great-Great Grandfather was a surveyor before moving from Tennessee to Lampasses County, Texas, where he served as a district judge. In 1869 he moved to Escondido, California.

While he lived in Texas, he naturally paid taxes on such items that would be required by law. I wish I had been more successful in scanning this page but it's old, tattered and faded. It is a single page document recording payment on December 20, 1866 to United States Internal Revenue for the following:
1 Carriage, valuation over $50 and not over $100: Tax $1.00
1 Gold Watch, kept for use, valuation not over $100: Tax $1.00
Total tax paid: $2.00

Now, had he owned a pianoforte, gold or silver plate, billiard tables or yachts, they also would have been taxable.
Billiard that's where the government made its money...they were taxed at $10 each!

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