Thursday, October 9, 2008

Greening Halloween


Before you know it, Halloween will be upon us, complete with the rush to find or make the perfect costume, fill up the candy bowl for those trick-or-treaters and then trek through the neighborhood collecting a years worth of candy to be consumed within the next 48 hours.
********insert sound of screeching tires here***********
But it doesn't have to be this way! Okay, the part about the costumes still stands. BUT we don't have to succumb to the candy madness. There are options that are not only acceptable to us as parents but will also be welcomed and embraced by your children.
The acknowledged expert on returning sanity to Halloween is Corey Cowell-Lipson, founder of Green Halloween. Her website is a wealth of how-to-do-Halloween-right information which includes "safe" candy for those who cannot imagine Halloween without it to lists of alternative treats for those who look forward to the day when Halloween is not synonymous with sugar.
So while you still have time to sanely approach this holiday, check out Green Halloween and try to make a few changes this year to green your holiday celebration.
Don't forget to check out her blog for even more tips like hosting a costume swap or even a Halloween decor swap. See, there's more than just fun for kids here!

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Busymama Kellie said...

No way! That is just too weird that we post the same link on the exact same day. How freaky is that? You're right about great minds...