Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A little love in the morning


Esme's mama all the way from Mozi Esme surprised me Monday morning with this award! I almost fell off my chair as I, like many new bloggers, believed their posts to be largely unread. So I am humbled and grateful to receive this. If you have somehow missed out on Mozi Esme, visit right now and catch up on the exploits of a beautiful little toddler in Mozambique.
Now to pass this award on:
My Sweet Life Sometimes poignant, often hilarious, Kelsey regales her readers with stories of her 3 precocious children. Accompanied by great photos, you will always be touched by her posts.
Busy Mamas Kellie blogs from Hawaii and apart from thoughtfully and faithfully commenting on so very many blogs (she is everywhere on Wordless Wednesdays!)she posts great reviews, recipes and insight on being a busy working mom.
The Green Greek A blog awash in beautiful pictures and a love for Jesus that transcends the written word, Irene gives us a glimpse into her life in Greece. I guarantee that you will leave feeling inspired and thankful.
Now go enjoy your day and tell someone you love them!

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Busymama Kellie said...

Wow, thanks! I feel honored that you thought of us! Now to share the love...