Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trading Up

Maybe you caught Dad of Divas post last week on Wordless Wednesday. A very creative, eye catching photo, I think you'd agree.
I posted a comment and he responded. Little did I know that his creative mind works in other wild and crazy ways.
You may have heard of the red paper clip tradeup that eventually (really only 14 trades in 12 months)led to the acquisition of a house. Well, Dad of Divas is attempting to acquire a Toyota Sienna minivan by trading up, item by item, starting with a vintage Kodak Camera.
Or you may have read about this exploit over at World of Weasels. Weaselmommma is participating in the tradeup by offering an evening of her company. No, that doesn't sound right. It's an evening of drinks (yes, her Hubby will be there too) plus an autographed photo AND her coveted cookie and candy recipes. It's Tradeup #5 at the The Great Minivan Trade Up site.
Now this method of commerce is not for everyone, but Dad of Divas certainly has my vote for thinking outside the box in these times of economic uncertainty and restricted cash flow. And if he can be patient, he just might end up with a minivan!
So at the very least, check him out. Offer some words of encouragement, spread the word or even trade up!


Dad of Divas said...

Thanks for the shout out Terry, I appreciate it!

grammy said...

How funny. I will have to check out those tradeups. Thanks for your comments.