Thursday, September 25, 2008

An OCD Toddler?

My first two sons are exact opposites. I clued into this fact when M was very young. Everything his older brother was, M was not.

W was colicky
M was an easy feeder and good sleeper

W loved food, all food
M loved cereal and fruit...only

W was outgoing and gregarious
M was painfully shy and reticent

W self weaned at 15 months
M was still nursing at 2.5 years. I had to leave town.

W loved language
M loved math

W could make a mess and ignore it for days
M was a little OCD. He lined up all the family shoes in a neat row...daily

You get my drift. My point is that once I understood this dynamic, it made #2 son very predictable. Usually. I really should have known....

About the time my third son was born (M would have been 33 months) I noticed that my HUGE carton of sanitary pads had been opened. Not only had it been opened, MOST of the pads were missing. Seeing as I was the only female in the house, I just knew something strange was going on. I looked in the bedrooms. I looked in the bathrooms. I looked outside (yes, even outside) Nothing! There was nothing!

I broke down and asked M. Holding up one of the few remaining pads I said, "Do you know where the rest of these are?" Big grin. You cannot be angry at a grinning toddler. "Can you show Mommy?"

Off he runs to his bedroom and flings open the closet doors. There, neatly aligned in rows like little soldiers were my pads stuck to the back wall of his closet. He was so proud of his work. So nice and neatly organized. He had obviously put in a great deal of effort here: multiple trips between my bathroom and his closet, peeling off each sticky strip and arranging them all in straight rows. He had done a mighty fine job although I'm not sure what exactly he thought he was doing!

He had made his very own padded cell.


Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Saw you commenting around today and finally thought I needed to drop by and learn more about you. I love your blog. The tea party pic is precious and you inspired me to write my own "differences" list about my two boys.

Glad I came by for a visit.

Busymama Kellie said...

LOL! Did you get a picture of it? That would be a classic shot! And I love your padded cell comment. Maybe he was thinking he needed a safe sanctuary with the new baby and all.

Shannon ( said...

Hilarious! You're right, you can't be mad at those little faces. Especially when they are so proud of the work they have done! Great post!!

Octamom said...

Love this!!! Reminds me of my youngest brother--my mom was having him get ready to get in the tub after a soccer game (he was maybe 4) and when he pulled down his soccer socks, there, attached to his shins, were sanitary napkins! He proceeded to tell her that he found these 'shin guards' under the bathroom sink and they worked much better than the other shin guards he had been using!


IRENE said...

I so much enjoyed reading your post. My daughters are different from each other. The elder loves English, the younger Maths. The elder is a tomboy and makes friends with everyone, the younger is more self-contained.
They have grown closer after 12/10; before they were fighting like cat and dog.
As for your son, I think you have a very creative guy there!Children's imagination always amazes me.

grammy said...

I loved the tea party picture. My girls would probably have hair sticking up every which way and jam on the face (: My two sons are very different too. I have always been glad there was almost eight years between them to hopfully keep them from comparing. 23 is trying to be a cop right now and 31 is a successful business man...23 thinks he should have the money right now that big brother has. He adores his big brother so that helps.

lonestar818 said...

ROFL, that is too funny!

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

MoziEsmé said...

I love the padded cell story! How can you not be impressed with the creativity?!