Friday, February 13, 2009

a CSI moment

I'm expecting a call any day now from North Carolina to say that Baby Jacob is on his way. Grandpa and I will jump in our car and make the 5.5 hour drive to hold down the fort with Baby Jacob's three older siblings.

We've been exchanging emails for the past week detailing the "birth plan." Well, not so much the birth plan as what Grandma needs to know, like how to get to the school, how to get to the hospital, the dishwasher isn't draining, the dog sleeps in the garage, etc, etc.

When I inquired about internet access, my son said to give him my MAC number and he would add it to their router.

I don't have a MAC.

What is a MAC number and why would I have one?

He said it would be on the underside of my laptop.

There are five different stickers there....nothing to indicate a MAC number.

He said it would be a 12 digit number beginning with a 00.

I found the number. 12 digits. But they were teeny weeny digits. No matter where I adjusted my glasses, no matter how much I squinted, I could not make out the numbers.

Then I had a CSI moment.

I have always wondered why they investigate crime scenes with the lights off, using only their flashlights. Never mind that it makes for more dramatic cinematography. Or that it creates more suspense. But maybe, just maybe, it could help illuminate my situation (forgive the pun, I couldn't help it!)

I ran and got a flashlight. Well, not exctly a flashlight. More like the key ring with the little light beam that is supposed to help you find the lock in the dark.

And do you know that it actually does help you see more clearly? It enables you to pick up the details. It magnifies!

Yes! With my CSI light I was able to solve the case! I could read all 12 digits! And now I will have internet access with my own laptop in North Carolina!

I have a new respect for CSI.


grammy said...

lol... I don't know why your lap top would have a MAC number if it is not a mac. I do have a mac...all because the son thinks it is wonderful and our other one has been sick with a virus for a long time. I feel like I have to learn everything all over. The picture file is just so crazy I kind of hate it. Of course 23 year old sons are not very patient about teaching you things. They do not understand that we did not cut our baby teeth on a computer mouse. (o: You could have been Sherlock and used a REAL big magnifying glass. heehee

Shannon ( said...

Smart thinking! Horatio Kane would be so proud of you!

MoziEsmé said...

Great detective job!

IRENE said...

How sweet! Oh you are amazing!
Wishing you the very best in the beautiful new challenge!