Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ice Southern Style

It's been chilly here for the past few days. Friday morning when I was preparing for my morning walk the temperature was only 22 degrees. I'm quite used to that back home in New York but it's uncommon and unwelcome here in South Carolina.

Southerners think it's cold when the temps are in the 50s! Back home we break out the sumer shorts at that temperature :)

I bundle up... hat, scarf, coat...and make my morning rounds. I recognize the icy patches on the sidewalks and drives where the sprinklers have left puddles and navigate around them. Growing up in California I've never made the adjustment to walking on ice... my litle boys had to hold me up back in the day! But South Carolina ice is minimal and I tread lightly.

Rounding the lagoon I see the lower branches of a few pine trees glimmering with ice. They look as if they were dipped into a silver bath.

By the time I make my 4th lap, the sun has risen and the ice is starting to melt.
In another hour the ice will be gone, the grounds keepers will be out with their leaf blowers and the little whispers of winter frost will be just a memory.

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