Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Project: family picture

We wanted to get a picture of Daddy's Daddy (aka Grandpa), Daddy and the grandbabies.

Thought we'd get Baby Luc settled first.

"Hello, Daddy's Daddy!"

oops...didn't want the flash...

Brought in big brother Tai.

Baby Luc is not happy.

Tai says,"I'm not the problem; it's Baby Luc!"

Project postponed.


IRENE said...

I love those 'all generations of the family together'pictures. They give you a ense of continuity and bonding.

grammy said...

Cute pics. there always has to be a crying baby one (o: I have seen the bucket list before and had fun reading it. I am always to lazy to fill it out though. Did you see the movie? One of my things would be to go on a cruise. When we are retired I would like to stay in the camper somewhere for a whole month. Long enough to feel really AWAY, but not so long my Grands forget me. (o:

MoziEsmé said...

Those shots can be impossible!