Friday, February 6, 2009

My Long Winter's Nap

I had intended to take a short break from blogging...

just to rest

to recharge

and renew

Instead I found myself making the decision to live in the moment with those around me instead of living with my laptop and list of blog posts.

I chose to love my finite world while the bloggy world went unattended.

Days passed.....then weeks

I paid more attention to my husband. It wasn't a question of loving more but of giving him more of me.

I spent time with children and grandchildren.

I even made time for myself...without guilt.

I read.

I napped.

I savored the day's events without composing blog posts in my head.

I watched the sun rise and set.

I found joy in early morning walks.

I worked on trusting Him more so that I could find relief from the worries that too easily consume me.

I let go....

The real life issues are still there, calling out to me, demanding my time and energies.

I will deal with it all.

And there is also time for blogging.

Hello again.


IRENE said...

Oh I took a blogging break some time in the autumn. AndI still do not follow the memes I used to. I find myself taking pictures intending to post them and then I don't.
I think you may write randomly or squeeze in some blogging as I do now; follow religiously as I used to; and then there is the possibility of asigning one morning/evening to blogging to surf, write, post photos, pictures, recipes without feeling guilty about it! This is what I'll do next!
Great hearing from you. Thank you.

MoziEsmé said...

Nice to see you again! Real life sounds wonderful as you describe it... I do understand exactly what you're saying.

Scribbit said...

Sometimes you need a hiatus--recharging and renewing.