Monday, February 9, 2009

I can walk 500 miles.... or maybe 5000

Well, maybe 5000 is a bit of an exaggeration

but let's see what I CAN do....

Every morning when the first bird starts to sing, I walk around our complex for one hour.

That's five laps

Each lap is 1500 steps......and yes, I counted them :)

So that's 7,500 steps and I'm guessing that since I walk at a fairly fast pace that would be around 3.5 mph.

Now 30 days of 3.5 miles per day would equal 105 miles per month.

Or 1260 miles in a year!

Except I don't walk in the month of December.... and perhaps some of November and April due to the fact that snow and ice and I are not compatible.

But I think I do get to count the stroll my Honey and I take most days. I need to count those steps (he keeps interrupting my concentration!) but I would estimate those strolls are about a mile.

And a daily hour of walking at 3.5 mph burns 300 calories which equates to 2.6 lbs per month and over 30 lbs per year! (I didn't do the calculations but I did read it somewhere!) At that rate I should have no problems maintaining my weight and yet I don't seem to be dropping those lbs. Must have something to do with eating more....

It's so much easier to get out and walk in a South Carolina winter. It will be Spring here when we leave the end of March but still winter in New York.


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grammy said...

So does that mean you are in South Carolina right now? I really need to walk more and I need to put my pedometer on. Have fun walking.