Thursday, February 5, 2009

Operation Love Zimbabwe

If you haven't yet discovered Mozi Esme's blog, you absolutely must go there now! Not only will you fall in love with baby Esme and her antics but you will find your eyes and heart opened to life on the other side of the world as Esme and her family experienced life in Mozambique.

For the first two weeks in February, Esme's Mommy is hosting OLZ- Operation Love Zimbabwe, full of giveaways like this, plus background information on Zimbabwe so we all can be more informed citizens of the world. This is what Esme's Mommy has planned:

The operation is simple. Two weeks of African-themed giveaways to attract attention of readers throughout bloggyland. And mixed in with the giveaways, posts that give you a glimpse of the real tragedies in Zimbabwe, as well as ideas on how you can make a difference in the lives of Zimbabweans.

Have a look around. Check back throughout the operation, which ends Valentine's Day, February 14. Enter the giveaways. If you have questions about Zimbabwe, leave them in a comment for our upcoming Q&A post.

It isn't often that we can hear first hand of the tragic conditions that exist on the other side of the world, outside of our comfort zone and on the fringes of our thoughts and prayers.

This is a unique opportunity. Open your eyes and hearts to Zimbabwe.


MoziEsmé said...

thanks for spreading the word!

grammy said...

hi, Are you back??? You won't believe this. I was just ( like ten minutes ago) looking for the name of that blog. I use to visit there before we had virus problems and lost lots of favorites. I was putting in all kinds of crazy spellings for it because I had a vague idea of the name. How neat is that. Now I can go visit her blog. Hope all is well with you (o: